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Kyle Sanders

Founder & CEO
Favorite Restaurant: Shin Sen Gumi

A passionate entrepreneur, Business Economics Major, and Mathematics Minor eager to implement quantitative analysis and data science skills into finance and technical sales. Offering data analysis for system design modeling, budget preparation, and financial analysis. He thrives in organizations that demand the most out of him. He reciprocate those efforts into his own start-ups and projects. Combining his passions in technology, fitness, and finance, He is excited to bring Eatery to market.

Adil Quamar

Data Engineering Lead
Favorite Restaurant: Chipotle

Adil Quamar attended UC Irvine majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. Previously, he was a software engineering intern at Amazon working with the Alexa Devices team for the summer of '21 and '22. He is also part of the school's engineering project team UAV Forge where he builds and programs autonomous drones as the Computer Vision Team lead.

Siddharth Iyer

Software Application Lead
Favorite Restaurant: Mad Dumpling

Sidd Iyer majored in Computer Science and Engineering at UCI and is passionate about combining hardware and software in creative ways. He takes great pride in being able to learn new languages/frameworks very fast and being adept at both frontend design and backend implementation. He adopted agile project management after experiencing it in an internship and applied it to his latest app, Oneboard, to help lead the multi-member project to production smoothly.
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