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your Personalized menu

Find the perfect meal

Receive daily personalized menu recommendations and explore curated menu collections.

The Eatery App search filter and menu feed page

Unlock more customers

Reach new audiences

Let the budget and nutritional value of your menu drive in customers who are looking for more than reviews.

Eatery for restaurants, reaching new audiences

Reach your goals

Track how you eat out

Eatery actively tracks your nutrition and spending, saving you time and effort as you reach your goals.

Eatery tracking screens in the app

More through Data

Know your community

Receive insights into the menu habits, daily budgets, and nutritional preferences of your most likely customers.

Eatery provides restaurants insights into their communities

Eating together

Eat with your party

Find the restaurant that works for everybody in your party in seconds.

Group dining feature

New Frontiers

Optimize your menu

Help our customers discover the menu items that match their nutrition.

Restaurants can optimize their menus to rank better on Eatery
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